Sanford Bail Bonds Services

Useful Fact About Bail Bonds:

Bail Is Not Guaranteed: Judge always has the option to deny bail. For example, there are several penal code violations that automatically deny bail, including murder and prior escape from prison.


Sanford Bail Bonds Services provides excellent service to clients during stressful situations. Below are just a few of the many reasons customers trust us with their freedom.

Warrant Checks

It can be challenging to check warrants in the state of Florida due to fleeing suspects. Still, Sanford Bail Bonds Services has the resources to conduct warrant checks to find out whether an individual has an outstanding arrest warrant.

Team Access

Sanford Bail Bonds serves several locations. We employ an efficient network of agents that can help get your friend, or family member released quickly no matter which jail they are in.

Monthly Reports

We can provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly court date reports to keep you informed during every step of the process. We also offer weekly case updates to our clients.

Background Search

Sanford Bail Bonds Services offers free background checks to all our customers. Individuals and businesses can use our background check services to evaluate potential employees or business dealers.

Live Support

We always have agents on standby to assist you, your friends, and your family during your time of need. No matter what time of day you need assistance, we are ready to help.

Flexible Terms

We service all types of bonds. Each bond has various qualifications so we make sure that family and friends have peace of mind when dealing with our underwriting.


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